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1991 - Present

"We love to bring joy to our customer's life through the colorful, vibrant and good energy of living plants. " 

We speak Spanish too!

1986 - 1990

1983 - 1986

Hampton Nursery & the community

Language shouldn't be a barrier for gardening lovers; plants and flowers are worldwide as is our in-store staff.

As like the plants, we grew and set up our nursery in the Hampton Mall Shopping Center parking lot.  We started as a canopy, but soon filled  the lot with flowers and plants where the present day Ihop is located. As our customer base grew, we moved on to a larger location on Annapolis Road.

We started our gardening business on the go. We didn't have a nursery at that time, so we drove a truck full of tropicals, flowers and plants a mile outside the beltway on branch avenue (under the big oak tree). On weekends through out the summer, our customers would anticipate the arrival of our truck for our newest selection.

We don't have customers, we have family

Hampton Nursery

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Our nursery has increased in size and variety over the years. From this location, we have been serving the community, for nearly twenty five years, a complete line of gardening products and a very user focused experience for the plant lovers. We love to bring joy to your life!

Our nursery has been in the community for almost 30 years. We have been part of many special occasions in our customer's lives. We have also had the privilege of watching their children grow and become customers as well. We became more than a retailer, we became family. We take exceptional care of our customers as we do our plants, making their lives blossom.

We believe in a community which cares about nature. We want to create a beautiful environment for our neighbors to share the joy of life  from our community  to their homes. We want to add color, happiness and love to their life through the delicate action of taking care of plants.

Our Gardening community is as rich and varied as our products, that's why we want to offer them the personalized caring they deserve in their native tongue. We offer in-store assistance  in Spanish for all the Hispanic Community . Next time you come to Hampton Nursery look for these ladies, they are our Spanish Masters and will help you beautify your yard and strive to give you all the assistance you may need!

Nature calling all around the neighborhood

Meet Peter Houghton

Do you need assistance in Spanish?

We have employees that can assist you! 

Our nursery is seasonal just like our plants and flowers. From winter to summer our nursery changes to announce to the community which season is just around the corner. The change of colors and aroma of seasonal plants and flowers permeate through out the neighborhood working as a clock. Letting everyone know whether if its time for a Christmas tree, firewood, pumpkins or a yard full of beautiful flowers.

That's how we made it