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A living plant is a long lasting choice which needs someone who takes care of its needs to make it grow, blossom and thrive. Hampton nursery is always ready to help with suggestions for the care and upkeep of your plants.

Seasonal gardening

Flowers & Plants

Fall is time for the annual pumpkin patch, complete with scary figures, cornstarks and straw. Also, a great time for pottery, winter pansies, fruits and vegetables. It is time to harvest!




Soil & Mulch

Ground covers

Herbs & Spices

Trees & Shrubs





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Summer marks the arrival of larger annuals, perennials and shrubs to complete that spring landscape. Also sunny days, at this time, are perfect for the Palms, Hibiscus, Mandevillia and all the tropical plants coming from Florida.

Warmer temperatures bloom Flowers, Bulbs and Plants which dress up with colors our nursery. It is also the arrival of Shrubs, Trees and dry goods. An invitation to be outside enjoying nature and drive away the winter blues.

When cold weather hits town, our nursery is full of Christmas trees, Poinsenttias and firewood to cheer up white days and warm your home until the arrival of spring.

Choose between our huge selection of plants and flowers. Find what you need to create a natural paradise, from a large landscape project to a cozy garden. Celebrate the joy of life with our colorful and vibrant flowers while being surrounded by the most beautiful living plants. Discover nature and start creating landscapes that you love!



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House Plants

Drive Thru Gardening

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Our huge variety of plants, flowers, trees and shrubs for our customers to choose from. Hampton Nursery's extensive inventory has made us a favorite with the gardening community.

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Let us know what are you looking for. We will put our knowledge and experience to serve you and match your gardening needs. Moreover, we will do whatever its necessary to give you the plants you desire.

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Any kind of nature is alive and needs somebody who cares for it. Hampton Nursery will supply you what you need to grow your plants and make them thrive. We will help you create your perfect landscape habitat which will reward you with gorgeous colors and a peaceful environment.